The LCLCBA is committed to advancing equality, diversity and inclusion at the Bar and acknowledges that there is considerable work to do be done to fully achieve this.

In pursuance of that goal:

  • We are proud supporters of the Black Talent Charter.
  • We contribute towards the Bar Council’s Legal Outreach Partnership Group.
  • We are committed to incorporating and promoting equality and diversity within our schedule of talks and seminars.
  • We have worked alongside other SBAs, including ALBA, to help support positive change at the Bar.


We are delighted to be holding a series of talks and seminars to provide our contribution to the positive work that other groups at the Bar are doing in support of this goal.

  • On 1 December 2022 we hosted a talk from HHJ Fayyaz Afzal CBE on ‘Disability Access at the Bar’; logged-in members can watch the video of the event.
  • On 30 June 2021 we co-hosted (with ALBA) the first talk in the series. Dr Funke Abimbola MBE explored the issue of ‘Diversity without Disharmony’; logged-in members can watch the video of the event.

External resources

The Bar Council holds some useful materials on equality, diversity and inclusion.

Please also see the following recent reports produced by the Bar Council and Bar Standards Board:

Bar Council

Bar Standards Board